Wednesday, 26 August 2015

New one for the list

After a quiet period in which the garden was notable mainly for jackdaws and magpies, it went crazy this morning with a load of blue tits, great tits, a coal tit, sparrows and robins, may of them recent fledglings I think. I was pleased to see a wren on top of the hedge near the house, though it submerged into the greenery quickly.

This afternoon I was obviously looking out the window at just the right time as a bird hopped out of the hedge, sat on an old stump for a short time, then made itself scarce again. I didn't recognise it at first, but I managed a grab shot on the camera from which I can confirm it was a female redstart. This is a first for the garden as far as I can recall. It was quite a breezy day so I don't know if this bird was literally just being blown through or if it is resident nearby.

A heavily cropped copy of the photo is below.

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