Thursday, 6 June 2013


Activity around the bird feeders outside my office window has been hectic and messy. I've had a lot of starling fledglings there and it has been interesting to see how, over just a few days, they go from being fed by their parents to gorging on the birdfeeders themselves. The woodpecker has also been a regular visitor both to our feeder and also to a couple of local telegraph poles. I noticed it taking quantities of suet away in its beak so I'm guessing their is a nest somewhere relatively nearby too.

I'm happy to say that a couple of greenfinches came through. Just three or four years ago greenfinches and chaffinches were never away from the feeders but their numbers noticeably dropped off to nil after a couple of cold winters. The birds didn't stay long but it was heartening that they appeared at all.

Finally, a familiar keening in the clear blue sky indicated not one but two buzzards wheeling overhead. This is great news.