Sunday, 31 August 2014

Snuffle shuffle

Not a lot of action in the garden. The apples are ripening nicely and the new damsons out the front seem to be bedding in nicely, but apart from that, not much.

Most evenings I go out for a walk - about a mile and a half round the block to round off the day. More nights than not I encounter foxes in the streets, including a couple of fine looking juveniles a couple of nights ago. They clearly aren't frightened of e although they do give people a wide berth. If they are off street and working their way through gardens, the progress of the security lights flicking on tells me where they are.

In the past I've seen bats, too, usually catching moths drawn to street lights. And owls are often heard, though never, so far, seen.

A couple of nights ago, I thought I saw a badger in the distance crossing the road, but it was unclear enough to make it possible that it was a cat. I've seen badgers before up here, but not for a few years. Last night there was no doubt: a badger scuttled across the road, coming out from the shadows by the back entrance to the zoo and heading into a garden. I didn't see it again after that but I am pleased that they are still out and about.

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